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PT Kencana Buana Semesta

PT Kencana Buana Semesta is a factory CD, VCD and DVD, located on Jl. Salembaran KM.16 (Warehousing Complex Salembaran l) Block P 9 Salembaran Desa Jati district. Kosambi district. Tangerang, Banten. Duplication is engaged in the CD, VCD and DVD legally. By using high quality injection machine (High Quality Manufacturer) in Indonesia.



Service are our priority is the timeliness, quality printing results with high resolution (high resolution) brilliant. By using the machine full color CMYK offset printing.
On time or according to the will of the customer is our main service.



Legality so we prioritize, because PT Kencana Semesta Buana is a company that legal and law-abiding. For that we always avoid things that are unlawful. For example, piracy song, movie piracy, piracy of data, as well as various types of copyright whatsoever.
As reinforcement of legality, we always include a certificate of legality of the buyer, the content will be duplicated print master.


"Helping to provide easy access to the general public, to get a variety of information, entertainment, education, technology, as well as across various kinds of knowledge malalui media CD, VCD and DVD."


Contribute to the thinking and creative industries Indonesian society, in order to compete to international level, through the company company engaged in multi-media, audio recording, video production, information technology (IT), soft ware, as well as enterprise-based company use of  CD, VCD and DVD.

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